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Preserving  the last Church inside us all

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Right now  The Car Forest is in a state of Transition.  

We ask you to check back to find out how you can help Our Future.

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We are  thankful for the Artists and the Dreamers, and the  

People who create  and Make Beauty where others Destroy.

Check out this great video that was filmed at the Car Forest!


Every DAY

ArtCar Meet and Greet

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Community Space

Every DAY

ArtCar Meet and Greet

Network with Artcars and enjoy a short walk or drive to each part of the Venue in order to embrace Creativity & Nature.

All day

Community Space

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We are NOW a NON-Profit registered with the state of Nevada

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We have officially  become a non-profit in the State of Nevada as of  April 1st, 2020.  (It seemed like the right date.)  You can donate now, and we also have an official bank account. We are now working towards  being a 501 C-3 entity but please feel free to send your suggestions and gifts to us while we work at getting and paying for all of the Government Paperwork and for the property itself.  We believe in being Transparent with what we are trying to do and will keep the people  who congregate with us informed.

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There are so many ways to get involved in our arts community. Drop us a line to find out about events, volunteer opportunities and fundraisers!

International Car Forest of the Last Church

International Car Forest of the Last Church, Goldfield, Nevada 89013, United States

1111 E. Crystal, Box 5 Goldfield Nevada 89013 (775) 319-6383


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